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Nouns and Sentences

Welcome to the world of Arabic! In this introductory lesson, you will learn definite and indefinite nouns and how to form a basic Arabic sentence.
The Noun in Arabic: Quiz
The Nominal Sentence: Quiz
The Singular Detached Pronoun: Quiz
Using ‘And’ In The Nominal Sentence: Quiz

Adjective and Definitness Agreement


The Grammatical Cases and Prepositions

Verbs – The Perfect Tense

Dual Nouns

Plural Nouns

The Detached Pronouns and the Irregular Nominal Sentence

The Imperfect Tense and Negative Verbal Sentences

Using Verbs and Adjectives correctly


Attached Pronouns and Double-Sukūns

Demonstrative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns


Irregular Nouns and their Declension

The Five Nouns

Collective Nouns and Mass Nouns


Verbal Nouns

كانَ and Verb Tenses

إِنَّ and its Sisters

Active and Passive Participles

Exotic Adjectives

The Comparative and the Superlative

The Subjunctive

The Jussive

The Imperative and the Vocative

The Passive

Derived Forms

Hamzated Verbs

Assimilated Verbs and Form 8

Hollow Verbs

Defective Verbs

Doubled Verbs

Quadriliteral Verbs

Various Unorthodox Verbs


Conditional Sentences


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